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DEEP offers strategic long-term partnerships for individuals, teams and organizations seeking personal, professional and culture changes related to diversity, belonging, inclusion and equity.

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DEEP’s assessment methodology is holistic and both quantitative and qualitative. Due to the complexity of Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion and Equity work, we believe that in order to offer intentional and customized intervention towards achieving long-term DBIE goals, it is essential to first gain an understanding of current organizational culture. Specifically, we spend large amounts of time learning-to-understand current organizational culture—and sentiments about it—to assess the equitability of that culture and its structures through data-driven processes.

Surveys, 1:1 interviews, and comprehensive artifacts analysis are all used to look at implicit and explicit policies, procedures and organizational statistics to understand the intentional and unintentional organizational culture strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. From these findings, equity-based recommendations are put forth.

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DEEP offers organizations strategic partnership with the aim of creating a more equitable organizational culture and infrastructure.  DEEP’s consulting services are designed to build the capacity of leadership teams, staff, governing boards and other key stakeholders in supporting the development of Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion, and Equity (DBIE) actions and initiatives.  Consulting is delivered through 1:1 and small group virtual sessions. In-person, large-group professional development is also available as a consulting option.  The primary components of DEEP’s consulting services are:

1. Professional Development
Rich content that deepens understanding of diversity, belonging, inclusion and equity as it relates to individual lived experiences and collective responsibility

2. Strategic Problem Solving
Narrowing focus on a targeted need/opportunity for growth using DEEP’s DBIE spectrum through meaningful, yet difficult conversations, processing, and reflection

3. Concrete Action Steps
Co-creation of 1-2 manageable action steps, aligned to DBIE, to address a targeted need

4. Measurable Outcomes
Co-creation of measurable outcomes to self-monitor the progression of action steps in addressing a targeted need

5. Progress Monitoring and Evaluation
Co-creation of measurable outcomes with aligned evaluation tools to monitor and measure the impact of action steps, both quantitatively and qualitatively, in addressing a targeted need in collaboration with DEEP.

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In-person, full-day Professional Development Trainings can be accessed once a client has engaged in a long-term partnership via DBIE Assessments or Consulting Packages. Our professional development trainings are strategic, based on co-created recommendations, and provided to a group of identified stakeholders.

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Dr. Darnisa Amante-Jackson is available for 1- to 3-hour keynotes that focus on a range of topics within Diversity, Belonging, Inclusion and Equity spaces.

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"We now have a much better idea of the message we want to send to prospective families and how we want to deliver our message of equity to the community."

Meggan Burak
Montessori Educator