Disruptive Equity Education Project’s

Keynote Service Package

Enhance your professional development day with our impactful keynote services.

Our expert speakers captivate audiences by sharing valuable insights and practical strategies. We customize presentations to align with your goals, delivering a seamless and memorable experience.

DEEP offers two distinct keynote offerings that cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Our keynotes can be divided into two categories: Dynamic/Interactive and Standard.


The Dynamic/Interactive keynote presentation that we offer is crafted with the explicit intention of actively engaging and involving your community. Through this unique format, participants will be immersed in a highly interactive and captivating learning experience. This approach encourages active participation and enables individuals to become fully involved in the discussion using breakout spaces and other interactive Zoom tools. This immersive experience fosters a deeper understanding and retention of the key messages shared during the presentation.


The Standard keynote option provides a more traditional approach. This format is designed to cater to the specific requirements and preferences of your community. While it may not incorporate the same level of interactivity as the Dynamic/interactive keynote, it still ensures effective communication of important ideas and insights to the audience. This more conventional style may be suitable for organizations or communities that prefer a straightforward and direct approach to keynote presentations.

We take pride in spreading our knowledge and expertise to schools everywhere, and after assessing our signature keynote options, we highly recommend booking an appointment with us to have a deeper conversation about your community’s specific context. It is essential for us to tailor our presentation to meet the unique needs of your community.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to connect with you in our upcoming keynote or any future events.

Partnership Pricing Comparison

Standard Virtual Keynote

$ 8500
  • Virtual: Webinar Q&A & Zoom Button Interaction
  • Maximum 3000 people
  • 30 Minute Topic Check-in
  • 30 Minute Tech Check
  • Limited Audience Participation
  • One-way Communication from the Speaker
  • Passive Listening and Note-taking for the Audience
  • Occasional Opportunities for Questions or Comments, but not emphasized
  • No interactive features or activities integrated into the presentation

Dynamic/Interactive Virtual Keynote

$ 12,500
  • Virtual: Zoom Meeting & Voice Interaction
  • Maximum 60 people
  • 1-Hour Planning Meeting
  • 30 Minute Tech Check
  • 30 Minute Post Keynote Debrief
  • Emphasis on Audience Participation and Engagement
  • Two-way Communication Between the Speaker and Audience
  • Active Involvement of the Audience through Real-time Discussions and Interactions
  • Interactive Features such as Live Chat, Q&A Sessions, and Polls
  • Opportunities for Small Group Discussions or Breakout Rooms
  • Interactive Activities or Exercises to Promote Engagement and Learning

Ready for extraordinary keynote sessions that inspire and empower?